Frequently Asked Questions

You begin by deciding on your basic requirements such as size, style (bungalow, split, two-storey), and function of the home – is it for family dwelling only or will you be working out of your home. Also consider convenience. Is your location easily accessible to transportation, schools, shopping and other amenities? The more realistic and detailed picture you can create, the easier it will be to choose the right home.

Choosing a home plan couldn’t be easier. We build custom homes so almost any design you like can be modified to your specific needs. Our in-house design feature makes it easy to envision your new home as you participate in the creative process.
Approximately six months depending on the size and type of home you want.

Yes. New home building is a serious business and so is renovation. Both require solid building and business skills and a proven track record. Dalm Construction uses the same quality standards to build new, renovate or add to your existing home. We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years.

Dalm Construction works with a “team” of trades people and suppliers that have been carefully chosen and trained to use our quality standards. Many builders use different trades and suppliers for each home, because their approach is to contract with the lowest bidder. With this system you never know who is working on your new home.

The benefit to our approach is that we’re getting the same “team” of people building ALL our homes. This is Dalm Construction’s way of ensuring that you get a well crafted home that you will be proud to call home.

Dalm Construction has researched and pre-negotiated competitive cost schedules with each of our trades and suppliers for every aspect of construction. Each trade and supplier must earn and keep our business by staying competitive.

Building professionals do not price homes according to square footage because the construction cost of a house does not vary directly according to square footage. Some areas of a home cost more than others, for example, enlarging a kitchen will cost more than enlarging a bedroom because kitchens cost more per square foot than a bedroom.

When the design is finalized, a detailed material and component file is compiled and the price of your home is accurately calculated – this will be set out clearly in your contract with Dalm Construction.

Home building is a complex detail-oriented process. Difficulties that arise between a builder and a client usually occur when there is a difference in understanding between the two. To eliminate miscommunication, Dalm Construction develops highly-detailed plans and specifications for your new home, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. The vision of what is being built is the same for all parties included.

Certain components of a new home such as flooring, lighting, etc., requires customer selection as to type, style and color. Dalm Construction uses allowance amounts for each selection item required for your home.

Should you wish to upgrade your selection items, you will be given the costs to do so before the work is done. All upgrades are of course, at your discretion.

If your selections are valued as less than the allowance, Dalm Construction will refund the difference.

Dalm Construction has been a registered home builder with Tarion Warranty Corporation since 1989. Tarion is responsible for ensuring that builders provide the warranty coverage that homeowners are entitled to under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and for ensuring that they follow minimum customer service standards to repair or otherwise resolve warranted items.

Your home has three levels of statutory warranty coverage:

  • One year warranty coverage for house construction in accordance with the Ontario Building Code, in a workmanlike manner, defect free material and fit for habitation.
  • Two year statutory warranty coverage for water penetration through the basement or foundation walls, defects in materials, including windows, doors, caulking, and major structural defects.
  • Seven year statutory warranty coverage for major structural defects.


If the home is sold during the warranty period, any remaining coverage stays with the home for the benefit of subsequent owners.

Securing your lender’s pre-approval of funds makes it easier to explore your options when building a new home.
We encourage you to bring your questions and concerns to us; we will be pleased to discuss them all.