Credible. Loyal. Honest.

Since our founding in 1988, we have established a reputation of excellence in the construction of premium quality homes. We are a local home builder who focuses on our customer's personal tastes and styles and we proudly stand behind our workmanship. Thinking about your next home? Call us today!
Dalm: Local Home Builder

Proven. Dependable. Solid.

At Dalm, we understand that life brings changes. These changes may require updates to your home to better suit your current status. Come see us and our team of professionals about the structure and interior design options we can provide for you. Change is good. Call us today!
Dalm: Interior and Exterior Design

Character. Distinction. Excellence.

Our premium quality homes are built by proven, dependable craftsman using superior building materials that stand the test of time. This, combined with our renowned attention to detail, results in a home that is energy efficient and timeless. Homes of distinction you can proudly call your own. Call us today!
Dalm: Premium Home Builder

Serene. Cheerful. Cozy.

At Dalm, seniors count. We understand and respect that special conditions may be required in the construction of your premium quality home. Trust Dalm to design your home for personal maximum convenience and comfortable living. It's important to you, so it's important to us. Call us today!
Dalm: Convenient and Comfortable Senior Living

Prized. Admired. Respected.

Our premium quality homes are constructed with timeless styles and finishes, giving lasting beauty. Built by proven, dependable craftsman using only superior building materials, you can rest assured your Dalm home will stand the test the time and maintain its value. Invest in your next home. Call us today!
Dalm: Superior Quality Custom Homes

Bona Fide. Stable. Secure.

Why does Dalm have so many repeat customers? Dalm customers are satisfied customers. This happens with the positive experience constructing your premium quality home with our proven craftsman and professional tradesman. We are reliable and available to you. Call us today!
Dalm: Providing Positive Experience
A premium quality home builder.

Home Designs



This stylish single story home utilizes the basement for extra bedrooms and entertainment.


With a front bay window and accent pillars at the garage, the Elegance is sure to get noticed.


Designed with the busy family in mind, the Vista features second story bedrooms and a main floor with great flow.


reno3_after_thumb.jpg After decades of making do, raising a family and feeding everyone, including the farm help, out of a small, outdated kitchen and living room our customers came to us for a well deserved upgrade. See the transformation...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know your price is competitive?

Dalm Construction has researched and pre-negotiated competitive cost schedules with each of our trades and suppliers for every aspect of construction. Each trade and...

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Should I get pre-approval for my mortgage?

Securing your lender's pre-approval of funds makes it easier to explore your options when building a new...

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